Case Study: Improve Lead Management Process for Sales Team

At KPI we have several decades of experience driving change in businesses of all sizes.

As a business owner you’re often so busy working in the business that it can be challenging to pick your head up out of the day-to-day and see opportunities to improve things. That’s where our team can unlock value for your business.

Here is an example of the types of solutions that KPI can provide to your business.

The Problem

The company had traditional lead forms on their WordPress powered website and the sales team was struggling to get in touch with the prospect. Only a small number of leads would respond to repeated phone calls and emails from the sales team to book a discovery meeting. The sales team was getting frustrated that “marketing isn’t giving us good quality leads”, and was spending a lot of time on administrative work. This was driving Customer Acquisition Costs up and slowing the growth of the business. The company wanted to improve the Lead Management Processes and reduce effort of their sales team.

KPI Improves Lead Management Processes

The Solution

We replaced the outdated lead forms with a nice elegant calendar widget embedded into the WordPress powered website. We connected Calendly to the Zoho CRM system through Zapier so leads would be created and assigned to the correct sales person.

Details of the integrations and processes

  • We setup Calendly as a team based calendar to give flexibility with lead assignments and routing, enabling us to add additional sales people into the process as needed and distribute leads evenly
  • We customized the lead capture fields in Calendly to give the sales team the information they needed about the prospect in Zoho
  • We created customized email and text reminders to send to the prospect in order to personalize the experience and increase show rate to discovery calls
  • We notified the sales team of new leads and meetings that were booked and everything automatically was added to their Calendar (e.g. all they had to do was show up)
  • We trained the team to manage and customize Calendly details so they could be self sufficient with future minor changes


  • Increased show rate in discovery meetings
  • Reduced sales efforts on activities that did not result in a sale
  • Improved user experience for prospects on the website
  • Easy no-development solution for ongoing management
  • Improved lead conversion rates as sales team members could spend their time on the important things (like engaging with prospects) and avoid doing tedious administrative work that nobody likes
  • Reduced the cost of customer acquisition, which resulted in a more viable business model and improved profitability

Want to see how KPI can help you improve the lead management process for your sales team?

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