Integrate Systems & Automate Tasks With Zapier

Zapier is an easy to use automation tool that automates your work and integrates with the systems your business is likely already using. With Zapier, you can connect to 3,000+ different services to get your work done faster. You can create “zaps” to automatically send email notifications when new content is published on a website, or to automatically add new leads to your CRM – and many many more.

One of our favorite things about Zapier is you don’t need to be a programmer, you can configure your Zaps through the Zapier interface. If you need some inspiration, Zapier offers a variety of templates that you can use to get started and then you can customize to meet your unique needs.

A few of our favorite Zapier automations

We have used Zapier in a number of businesses to streamline and automate processes. Here are a few examples to provide some inspiration for you to unlock value for your business.

Automatically interact with new leads on behalf of the sales team

Problem/Opportunity: The company was receiving leads via email from different 3rd party portals. They wanted to make sure that each lead received a personalized email from the assigned salesperson in a timely manner, and did not want the sales team to.

Solution: We used the Zapier “email parser” to read through the lead emails and automatically create a lead in the Zoho CRM system. The person who submitted the initial request immediately received an email from the Salesperson who was assigned to the lead and was invited to schedule a discovery meeting via Calendly.

Outcome: The sales team was able to focus their energy on engaging with clients and prospects and not “wasting” time on tedious administrative work. The company had confidence that 100% of leads were being followed-up with immediately.

Celebrate company growth goals and recognize sales team members

Problem/Opportunity: The company had aggressive growth goals and wanted the entire team to celebrate when they closed new business.

Solution: We used Zapier to connect to Salesforce Sales Cloud and Slack. Whenever an opportunity was marked as “Closed Won” in Salesforce a message was automatically sent out the the company general Slack channel with the deal info. This included the Slack handle (name) of the user who closed the deal, the customer info, the products/services they bought, and the revenue information.

Outcome: One of the unanticipated benefits of this solution was the amount of recognition and collaboration that happened as a result. The sales team was thanking Customer Success or Marketing for the introduction/lead, the Finance team was looking out for the contract info so they could get the customer setup quickly. This was a simple automated solution that promoted lots of team engagement.

Additional Examples

  • Leadership team gets alerts when customer service issues have not been acted on within the required response time service level agreement (Connect Salesforce and Slack)
  • Publicly recognize team members on Google Chat when recognition submitted in 7Geese (now Paycor) system
  • Email notification sent to Service team whenever a client uploaded an important file to a Shared Google Drive
  • Update Lead Status in Zoho CRM when an existing lead books a meeting through Calendly

The possibilities to integrate systems and automate processes with Zapier are nearly endless….

Want to learn more about Zapier?

If you want to chat about how Zapier can unlock value for your business by automating tasks and integrating systems, use the link below to pick a time to chat.

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