Calendly Online Appointment Scheduling

One of our favorite all around tools that works for any business is Calendly. Calendly is an online scheduling tool that makes it easy for people to book a meeting directly on your calendar without going back and forth to pick a time. 

How many times has this happened to you?  You are trying to book a meeting with someone outside of your company – a colleague, customer, prospect – and you provide a few times that you are available. You usually block off the time in your calendar as tentative but you forgot this time and someone else grabs one of the spots you suggested. That just happens to be the one spot that works for the other person. So you start looking for more dates and times and go back and forth several times before you find a time that works for both.

In fact, the Calendly team recently ran a study and found that people send an average of 7.3 emails to schedule a single meeting. If it takes you 5 minutes per email, that’s 35 minutes to schedule a single meeting. I don’t know about you, but I can think of a lot better ways to spend 35 minutes. How many times do you do this in a week? Probably more than 1 so time adds up pretty quickly.

Scheduling Made Simple

Now imagine this: you send an email to the person with a link to book a meeting. They select a time that works for them and it shows everything open on your calendar. You both automatically get a calendar invite with no mixup between multiple calendars, and the other attendee receives email and text reminders about the Calendly event so they are more likely to show up.

Congratulations – you just got 30 minutes back in your day for each meeting you’re booking.

Well that’s one example of what Calendly does, but there’s so much more too.

Calendly plays well with others

Calendly integrates with over 100 of your favorite tools to make the scheduling process frictionless. If your team prefers to work in Slack, they can share scheduled events or links to teams, partners, and vendors easily without leaving the app; group events online have never been easier. You can configure Calendly to automatically include your video conference of choice, whether that is Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet – it’s fully integrated and easy for your team to use.

Calendly is consistent, repeatable and scalable

As your team grows it becomes more challenging to provide a consistent experience across all touch points. Calendly makes it easy for you manage and scale your team with a host of features. A few of our favorites include:

  • Embed Calendly in your email or on your website
  • Automate scheduling workflows for different teams
  • Monitor meeting engagement data to improve performance
  • Understand how meetings impact the sales and engagement cycle
  • And more….
Calendly for growth

Want to see how Calendly can help you manage your calendar more efficiently??

If you want to chat about how KPI can help you implement more scalable solutions for your team, schedule a time to chat below.

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