A Fractional COO will make your business more profitable

As fractional COO’s (chief operating officers), we help you utilize people, processes, day to day business operations, and technology to maximize your business’s potential. We’re do-ers, finishers, finders, and fixers. You’ll get insight you never imagined and bring the vision of your business to life!

It's time to reach the next level.

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You want to fix your business and focus on the future, but you’re not sure where to start…

Our team uses years of experience to build more profitable businesses.

We help business owners with:

Your business doesn’t need a coach

You need a partner with a proven track record that understands your business vision, with a bias towards action. Many coaches will tell you what you should do but stop short when it comes to implementing the solution. As many small business owners know, you’re already too busy. We do the implementation to get the job done — and done right the first time!

Our Process — the tried and true method for business growth

Business problems aren’t unique to any one industry. All businesses have similar problems. Through our process you’ll get clarity on how to turn vision into reality and get the help needed to get you there.

KPI Proven Process:

  1. Discover

    Day 0

    Discuss mutual success and fit
  2. Quick Wins

    Days 1 – 30

    Bring a fresh perspective and get some traction
  3. Optimize

    Days 30 – 90

    Get hands-on and drive change
  4. Operate


    Strong and steady cadence with visibility into performance
  5. Transition

    As needed

    Team-builders help your team own their piece of the business

How we work with clients

Hiring our company is an investment, not an expense. If you don’t have the budget to hire a full-time COO, or might not even need that level of commitment long-term, you can hire a fractional chief operating officer to get you the help you need for a fraction of the cost.

Business owners depend on us for:

  • Fresh Perspective:

    We provide clear insight and approach to business performance to busy business owners.

  • Team Builders:

    We work alongside your team to model the way and help them own and operate their piece of the business.

  • Hands-on:

    We are finishers. We roll up our sleeves and get the job done.

There are a few ways to get fractional COO services:

  • Retainer:

    Get operational help on a consistent but part-time basis.
  • Project-based:

    Get one-off help with specific problems your business is facing.

We’re happy to discuss ways to work together that fit your business model.

At Key Performance Integrators, we find solutions to problems that are preventing businesses from achieving their goals. Whether we roll up our sleeves and get hands-on finding and fixing problems, or we work alongside your leadership team to add some fresh perspective and additional horsepower, we will find a way to add value.

What areas of the business do we help you improve?

All businesses have these same building blocks. Knowing how to improve them leads to increased profitability.

  • Process: Many companies think that technology will solve all of their problems, but we like to start with the process first. We define what the most efficient process is for your business, and then match the capabilities of your people and support with the best technology.
  • People: We help create clarity for your team with clearly defined roles and performance measures so they know exactly what is expected of them and how the work they do contributes to the companies success.
  • Technology: Perhaps you have shiny object syndrome and have invested in a lot of technology but aren’t getting full value out of it. We can assess your existing technology stack and help you determine how to maximize your investments and gain efficiencies.
  • Finishing the job: Many business owners are great at getting things started but often lose focus and end up with a bunch of initiatives that are a work in progress. We finish the job. Period.
  • Accountability: Many businesses struggle to achieve their goals because they don’t stay committed to the work and accept mediocre performance. We help you with the right metrics, the right meeting cadence, and the right level of management of your leadership team to achieve goals.


I've had a wonderful experience working with Jeff and the team at KPI. He is making a huge impact on the client we serve together. He brings a level head and a lot of wisdom that helps us prioritize and focus energy on the right things.

— Peter Martino

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