Implement your vision and win back your time with a Fractional Integrator

It’s time to put the troubleshooting to rest and dedicate yourself to what matters most for your business — vision and direction. With a fractional Integrator from KPI, you’ll tear the shackles of the daily minutiae clean off, freeing your mind to chart a new path for your growing company.

KPI gets you to where you want to be — free and productive.

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Focus on the future, not the fires

From the foundations of the V/TO to weekly Level 10™ meetings, we take your full EOS® toolset and bring it to bear — we show you where you’ve gone off rails. We help set your business back on track and establish a strong foundation from which to predictably scale.

You’ve heard of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®). Maybe you’ve even tried self-implementation after reading (and rereading) Traction and Get a Grip. In spite of your best efforts to stabilize or predictably scale your growing business, you’re still:

  • Locked in unnecessary meetings
  • Dousing fires in overburdened processes
  • Realizing the weaknesses of your systems in light of new growth

How a Fractional Integrator can help

Simply put, KPI guides you and your team to effective and efficient productivity. We use our expertise and knowledge of EOS® to guide you and your business to:

  • Develop key leadership
  • Streamline processes
  • Scale safely and predictably

A Fractional Integrator isn’t a coach or a guru

Your Fractional Integrator is your right-hand person, your second-in-command, your COO or whatever else you want to call them... They free your mind — and your time — to focus on the vision, tackling the day-to-day operations and process management. A fractional integrator will champion your creative direction throughout the company — it's about accountability and alignment toward the vision. Not spouting suggestions and leaving you to it.

EOS part-time integrators from KPI are action-oriented and obsessed with the details. We dig deep. How?

We Familiarize ourselves with the heart of your business — the processes and its people — we help businesses like yours fix what’s broken and finish what you’ve started through the EOS® framework. We bring greater predictability (and a lot more peace of mind) to your growing business.


Jeff and the team had detailed mastery of what they were teaching us.

They were focused and to the point, and very discerning concerning things helpful to our particular business. They redirected us in several key areas to make our business much more effective and to bring us from theory to practice. They were very focused, as well as being very down-to-earth, and very pleasant to work with. We only have good things to say about them — thus the five-star rating. We wish we had known about them 25 years ago when we started our small business!

— Paul Noland

Take your business to the next level

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Achieve your desired future state with the KPI Proven Process

Curious how we take you from stressed and uncertain to free and focused on the future? Though it can look a little different based on where you are in your journey, our plans are uniquely customized to your needs, and use our Proven Process to guide us.

The KPI Proven Process:

  1. Discover

    Day 0

    Discuss mutual success and fit
  2. Quick Wins

    Days 1 – 30

    Bring a fresh perspective and get some traction
  3. Optimize

    Days 30 – 90

    Get hands-on and drive change
  4. Operate


    Strong and steady cadence with visibility into performance
  5. Transition

    As needed

    Team-builders help your team own their piece of the business

Expect excellence from your Fractional Integrator — we do

We’re not strangers to streamlining systems, the EOS® framework, or the challenges you’ve faced along your journey, either.

It comes down to the effective use of your V/TO, Scorecard, and Accountability Chart alongside the development of your people through the Level 10™, monthly, and quarterly meetings.


The KPI team always helps our team organize and priorities our initiatives. They have a unique way of helping us get "un-stuck" so to speak, and track meaningful and measurable action items. Highly recommend!

Dan Darling, General Manager, Lakes Region Tent & Event

Your business is unique — our approach will be too

Even if the challenges you face aren’t unique, your business is. Every business has different needs, some may be a fully remote team or they could be trying to implement a business strategy they haven't tried yet; each company is at a different stage of growth and will require an approach just as unique to where you are and to what you’re looking to get out of your partnership with KPI.

Regardless of where you are and what you might need, KPI is here to help free you from the burdens of troubleshooting issues with daily operations. We’re here to give you back the time, confidence, and peace of mind you need to focus on your vision — freedom from the fires and frustrations that have been holding your business back.


One of the best decisions I ever made for my business was calling Jeff. He isolated some key issues holding us back and after navigating the challenge of fixing the problem, we were sailing on smooth seas. We hit our quarter 4 goal 2 months early!

Bruno Aragao, CEO of Ulta Home Improvements

Your ideal future state is within reach

Connect with KPI today and see what efficiency and predictability at scale look like. Schedule my free consultation!

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