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We finish what you started, and start what you never thought possible. Do you need help finding blindspots, achieving goals, and finishing what you started? Key Performance Integrators is the finisher for the shiny-object-chaser.

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After 2 weeks of working with us, we found an opportunity to increase sales efficiency creating a $150,000 sales opportunity with a $1 million painting business.

Sound too good? Nope!

You’re wearing too many hats. And, we’ve seen and solved a lot of problems. Getting a fresh perspective can uncover the blindspots.

Why you need a Fractional COO or Business Consultant like Key Performance Integrators

You’re good at something and found the opportunity to do more of it. So, you built a business. And, you’ve grown. But with growth comes additional responsibilities. You’re now in charge of things you never imagined. Now you’re wearing too many hats and getting in the way of your own growth, let a fractional COO or consultant step in to help you out.

Do these sound familiar?

  • Business is growing but you’re not making as much money as you would like
  • You are not achieving your revenue targets despite your team telling you things are going great
  • You keep getting pulled back into the minutia of the day-to-day and want to work on visionary CEO stuff
  • You aren’t sure if you have the right people in the right seats
  • You’re using a lot of tools that don’t talk to each other

Free your mind and your time. Explore our Fractional COO Services.

COO Services

Key Performance Integrators helps companies running on EOS® maximize their investment

As Fractional Integrators for companies running on EOS®, we help visionary business owners bring their vision to life. We are experts in EOS® tools and can help you get more Traction (pun intended) by creating alignment on your leadership team and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Every organization produces something — it could be the whole business or just part of a function — and every organization has their own processes, people, and technology. We’ve gotten really good at identifying improvements to make all of those work more cohesively.

What are ways a Fractional COO can help your business?

Fractional Operations, RevOps, Business Consulting — whatever you want to call it, we help business owners create change within their company

Key Performance Integrators is a group of genuinely helpful people and passionate problem solvers. Everyone here gets a kick out of improving your business.

We’ll help you identify trouble areas within your business, pinpoint the right metrics that lead to growth, analyze your scorecard items, and get your business back on track to success.

Sometimes you’ll need help with integrating new technology, or finding the right people to make the workload easier — whatever you may need for people, process, or tools we’ve got you covered!

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Jeff and Tim had detailed mastery of what they were teaching us.

They were focused and to the point, and very discerning concerning things helpful to our particular business. They redirected us in several key areas to make our business much more effective and to bring us from theory to practice. They were very focused, as well as being very down-to-earth, and very pleasant to work with. We only have good things to say about them — thus the five-star rating. We wish we had known about them 25 years ago when we started our small business!

— Paul Noland

Jeff and Tim were amazing coaching us through what we should be measuring on a weekly basis to make sure our company is on track to grow. They made sure to take the time to ensure that we understood each step of the process and that we felt like we could run our business more smoothly going forward.

— Jenni Smith

I've had a wonderful experience working with Jeff and the team at KPI. He is making a huge impact on the client we serve together. He brings a level head and a lot of wisdom that helps us prioritize and focus energy on the right things.

— Peter Martino

Is there an industry of specialty at Key Performance Integrators?

We have a soft spot for small business owners, but there are a lot of companies we have experience helping with their business operations.

  • Contractors
  • Professional Services businesses
  • Technology businesses

Business problems are industry agnostic. Process, people, and technology are in every organization.

Frequently Asked Questions about hiring a fractional COO

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