Expert Strategic Planning Services from a Fractional COO

Want to run a high-performance company? The strategic planning consultants at KPI help turn your dreams into a plan, and that plan into a mission. Our guided strategic planning sessions help you create your long-term vision by breaking it down into short-term execution.

Does your business need a strategic planning facilitator?

As a strategic planning expert, we act as a facilitator during strategic planning sessions. This allows you, the business owner, to be an active participant rather than trying to wear multiple hats.

If issues like these sound familiar, you need help:

  • Lack of clear direction on the future
  • Frustrated by lack of accountability
  • Lack of clarity and alignment
  • Shiny object syndrome and project hopping
  • Reactive instead of proactive
  • Leader is shouldering the load and unable to draw from team

What is strategic planning?

The strategic planning process outlines the direction, goals, and strategies of your business. We look ahead, define your vision for the future state of your business, and develop an action plan to bring the vision to life.

As a small business owner, strategic planning can help you allocate resources efficiently, streamline operations, and foster growth. The goal is to ensure the sustainability of your business in the competitive marketplace.

Practical use-cases for strategic planning consulting services

Key Performance Integrators can help your business with a variety of strategic planning sessions. We will also help you with strategy execution once we’ve clarified your goals so your goals can become a reality.

  • Quarterly & Annual strategic planning
  • Mergers & Acquisitions integration
  • Change management
  • OKR consulting services

Setting the stage for high-impact strategic planning

Impactful business practices are intentional. Strategic planning sessions are all about prep and process. Our work as the strategic planning facilitator starts long before we all get in one room together.

Creating alignment and clarity on the shared goal is key. As the facilitator, we’re going to start with the business owner and quickly meet with all departments to understand the unique needs and workings of the organization. It will build rapport and help us stay hyper focused during our actual session.

We’re also going to provide suggestions for physically setting up your strategic planning session. There’s tips and tricks for holding attention throughout the day and garnering active participation.

Conducting the strategic planning session

Thanks to our meticulous preparation and expert guidance, these high-impact sessions consistently provide more clarity and alignment than many leadership teams ever achieve.

Together, we’ll create a shared vision, identify the key milestones and actions needed to get there, and develop a detailed action plan that everyone is excited to execute.

Here are some strategic planning tools to increase the efficiency of your meetings.

Ready to empower your strategic growth?

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I recently hired Jeff from Key Performance Integrators (KPI) to facilitate Brabo Payroll’s annual leadership summit, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed by the level of service provided by KPI.

Jeff’s ability to engage and motivate our leadership team was exceptional, and his insights were both relevant and actionable. He helped us identify areas for improvement and develop strategies for growth, all while keeping us focused and on track.

Kevin, CEO of Brabo Payroll

Strategic planning workshops

KPI offers a 2-day annual strategic planning workshop and a 1-day quarterly strategic planning workshop.

Massachusetts companies may qualify for reimbursement through the Workforce Training Fund.

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