Meet Trainual: The All-in-One Process Documentation and Training Software for Your Business

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your business processes and boost productivity, Trainual may be the perfect solution. This comprehensive software offers employee onboarding, standard operating procedure (SOP) creation and training, and much more. Continue reading to learn more about Trainual and how it can benefit your business.

What is Trainual and how does it work?

Trainual is an all-in-one process documentation and training software designed to help businesses streamline their operations and boost productivity. It allows you to create and organize your company’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) in one central location, making it easy for employees to access and follow them. Trainual also offers employee onboarding and training, allowing you to quickly and efficiently get new hires up to speed. With Trainual, you can ensure that your team is following the same processes and procedures, leading to increased efficiency and consistency across your organization.

How Trainual compares to an in-house process documentation solution (Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc.)

While in-house solutions like Google Drive, SharePoint, and OneDrive can be useful for storing and sharing documents, they lack the comprehensive features that Trainual offers. Trainual is specifically designed for process documentation and training, with features like customizable templates, quizzes, and progress tracking. It also offers employee onboarding and training, which can save businesses time and resources. Trainual’s centralized platform makes it easy for employees to access and follow procedures, ensuring consistency and efficiency across the organization. Overall, Trainual is a more comprehensive and efficient solution for businesses looking to streamline their business processes, boost productivity, and create more efficient and scalable operations.

How Trainual can help with onboarding and training new employees

Trainual offers a comprehensive onboarding and training solution for new employees. With customizable templates and progress tracking, businesses can ensure that new hires are properly trained and up-to-speed on company processes and procedures. Trainual also offers quizzes and assessments to test employee knowledge and understanding. By using Trainual for onboarding and training, businesses can save time and resources while ensuring consistency and efficiency across the organization.

Integrations with other business tools for seamless workflow

Trainual offers integrations with a variety of other business tools to streamline your workflow and make your processes even more efficient. These integrations include popular tools like Slack, Zapier, and Google Drive, allowing you to easily connect Trainual with your existing systems. With these integrations, you can automate tasks, share information, and collaborate with team members more effectively, all within the Trainual platform. Whether you’re looking to streamline your HR processes, improve communication, or boost productivity, Trainual’s integrations can help you achieve your goals.

What if I’m not great at writing process documentation?

No problem! Trainual has a number of customizable templates and step-by-step guides to help you create clear and concise documentation. KPI is also a Certified Trainual Partner and we can help you come up with a business process improvement strategy and support you with your process documentation needs

Want to learn more about Trainual?

At KPI, we are experts in Trainual and would be happy to chat about how Trainual can help you create clarity and consistency across your team.  Schedule a Free Trainual Consultation with our team at Key Performance Integrators.

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